Non Invasive Fat Reduction

FDA Cleared For Fat Cell Destruction

15 Minutes Per Area

No Recovery Time

Most Innovative Technology

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  • Non-invasive treatment
  • Cleared by the FDA
  • Destroys 25% of your fat in as little as 15 minutes
  • The most innovative fat removal technology

truSculpt 3D, FDA cleared technology, uses monopolar radiofrequency (RF) to deliver deep heating within the fat layers

By reaching a specific level of temperature within the adipose tissue, the heat will cause destruction to the fat cells and promotes skin tightening in the area being treated.

Short Term Treatment
Treatment sessions are only 15 minutes long (per area) with NO DOWNTIME!

Multiple areas can be treated within the same session. Ex: Patients can treat abdomen, flanks, and chin in just 1 session!

Non-Surgical Fat Destruction

With truSculpt 3D, there is no need for surgery. TruSculpt kills subcutaneous fat without damage to the skin and without bruising and butterlike swelling associated with CoolSculpting.

trusculpt 3d before and after

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25% average savings over CoolSculpting Costs

Trusculpt treatment sessions are shorter then CoolSculpting and more tolerable. In recent studies, truSculpt has shown to destroy MORE fat cells then CoolSculpting with less side effects.

There are virtually no side effects! Redness and any possible tenderness usually dissipate within 24 hours. Most patients can return back to daily activities of life right after treatment.

Many patients reported truSculpt to feel like a hot stone massage. It’s very tolerable because the heat is spread with a gliding technique so it’s never in one spot for too long.

Cost varies depending on the size of the area. Please call SLIM Health Center to schedule your complimentary, private assessment with one of our experienced treatment specialists.